Update on YouTube

  Happy Friday Blog Readers, A couple months back, I wrote a post talking about how I was going to make videos for the cooking recipes, however, my husband and I actually decided to start vlogging and we created our youtube channel. It is called Gamandfer, as you know that is our couple name/hashtag. So... Continue Reading →



Welcome Back! This past weekend I attended my very first USMC ball with my husband, and for those of you who don't know my husband is a Marine. This was his second ball, but during his first ball he was in North Caroline, and I was at ASU, but now that we are married, we... Continue Reading →

2 months sick

Welcome to the first October blog post, of the month! I had previously stated that I have been sick, and that is why I was not as consistent as I would have liked on the blog. Today I come to tell you all about it. I started having these horrible sharp chest pains, I felt... Continue Reading →

One Year EngageAversary

My Blog Readers, I have so much to tell you in future blog posts, I have so many rough drafts saved here, but so much has been going on I will try my best to get you all caught up with my life. But out of everything the best thing that has happened, is my... Continue Reading →

#Gamandfer life update

Happy Friday everyone, It is the last Friday of this month! I am so excited for August to arrive and start school. However, this is a #gamandfer update. If you didn’t know I have been married for the past 7 months. My love story can be found in the story tab up above. Like I... Continue Reading →

The Life Plan

Welcome Back! Recently I have gone back to the habit of reading and I love it! I just finished reading The life plan by Shannah Kennedy. This amazing author really inspired me and helped take my life out of the rut I had fallen into. The Life Plan became my all time favorite book and I... Continue Reading →

Happy Thursday! I wanted to let you all know that I will try my best to make videos that go along with the blog post. I had a video about pantry organization, but since I upgraded my blog, I thought I would also try harder on filming. So I took down the video to make... Continue Reading →

Why the new blog?

Beautiful Morning! For those new readers, you might not know this but this is actually Fer's Blog 2.0, you see when I started blogging back in April I started with a completely different look/layout on my blog, and also on another website. As I was working on my blog, my husband would occasionally help me edit my... Continue Reading →

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