Pantry Organization

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An organized pantry does not only make your home look better, but it also saves you and your guest time when trying to find a specific object that is hidden in your pantry. For today, I will share with you some pantry organization tips along with a video of my pantry. Let’s get started, first, the thing that I find the most essential for organizing your pantry are storage baskets. I have purchased different kinds of storage baskets at both Walmart and Target. Also, glass containers/jars work great I use them mainly to store my pasta and rice, I purchased all of them at Marshalls for under $5 each, which is a great price for their size and quality. At target I bought my biggest wire basket for $3 in the dollar spot section, and at Walmart I have bought everything else that I use to organize my pantry, I am going to say the most expensive, basket or container I bought was $4 but everything else has been from .74 cents to $2 dollars. Again these are great prices for your items. My all time favorite are my 2 wire baskets from Walmart, the cost $1.98 each, they fit much more things than my other baskets, I regret not buying more because they went out of stock super fast, even online. Check your Walmart and buy these if they are available, I highly recommend them! Now moving on to plastic containers with dispensers, these are great for storing cereal, and it prevents spills unlike, pouring cereal out of the box and sometimes when you try to open the bag it rips more than it should, creating a mess. The size I have fit a large box of cereal in them, and since I have 3 of them I use one for my cereal, one for my husbands, and one for beans, because I have not found the ideal container to hold my beans yet. However, these containers were a wedding gift from my mom, so I do not know where she got them, nor the price, I have seen some at Target, but they are different. Anyways, I also recommend buying bag clips, that are so helpful to close anything that does not close once you open it like a bag of chips or crackers, and so on. These clips are sold almost at every store, I got mine at ross I believe it was $3 for 10 clips, and they all come in different sizes. I do keep some items in their original packaging because it is not really necessary to put them in a basket, but if you like it that way, go for it! I just have my cake mix, pancake mix, and cane sugar in their origin package but I do put them all in the same area, so I know exactly where to find them. This is also a very good tip, categorize your baskets, and each row of your pantry, in order for you to know what is in each basket and row, and find things quicker, instead of going through your entire pantry to find what you are looking for. Finally, if you want to know what is in my pantry and how I organize it, watch the video below, I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and let me know what you thought about it.                                                 -Blessings, Fer


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