The Life Plan

Welcome Back!
Recently I have gone back to the habit of reading and I love it! I just finished reading The life plan by Shannah Kennedy. This amazing author really inspired me and helped take my life out of the rut I had fallen into. The Life Plan became my all time favorite book and I would recommend you all to purchase it when you can! It is not only a very inspiring book but also an activity book, it helps you find yourself and allows you to write in the book and figure things out for yourself. I started reading the book when I was feeling down and insecure, I was doing so bad that I was crying while reading the first pages of the book, due to the realization of how bad I was doing, but in the middle of the book, I felt like myself once again, I was back on my feet and moving on with life, and so every day I worked on myself, I worked so much and now I feel the best I have felt in a couple of years. I suffer from anxiety and depression, but I had controlled it for a while and in 2015 it came back worse than ever and since then I have really been struggling to live with it. However, today that I have finished this amazing book, my life is at the best point it has been, and so is my marriage. Everything is working great thanks to God, I also finally figured out what I want to do with my career life and I finally got a job after months of applications and interview. This book is great, and I don’t only say it because of how much it helped me, but it is a great read, successful people recommend and review this book all the time, talking about how motivating and helpful it is even when you are at your very best. So really, when you have the chance to purchase it, you really should!

Below are the 2 covers of the book, and 2 images of the pages inside this incredible book!

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