marinelifebanner_2_96cf26d6-6a2c-4c6a-92c7-1be63c15899a_1800xCheck out Sand Cloud’s Website:

Use my code for a 25% discount: MonicaFN25, or use the referral link:

Good afternoon Blog Readers!

Today I come with a very different blog post, I have recently joined the ambassador team for Sand Cloud. Sand Cloud’s mission is to save marine life, they donate 10% of their profits to nonprofits that work for preserving the marine life. Sand Cloud sells from t-shirts, water bottles, pins, stickers, and their famous towels, towel bags, hats, jewelry, and phone case. Check it out, they have very cute items, that you will love and as you purchase them, you are saving marine life, it’s the best way to shop!!! Now Sand Cloud also has a reward program so you will accumulate points with your purchase, that can later be used to discount certain amounts of money on your purchase. However if yu become an ambassador, you have more perks and responsibilities to and from the company. I became an ambassador this week and I am loving working with Sand Cloud. So I just wanted to promote and inform you all about Sand Cloud. I hope you all check it out and even become an ambassador, if you love shopping, then join the rewards program, it will accumulate your points and give you a discount, also don;t forget to use my code for 25% off!  Enjoy the rest of your day! -Blessings, Fer ❤


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