About Me

20 Facts about me:

  • I am an only child.
  • I was born in CA, raised in both Mexico and AZ.
  • I am 19 years young, my birthday is April, 19.
  • I am married to my best friend.
  • I have two dogs, one lives in Mexico he is a German Shepard and his name is Gordo, and living with my husband and I is Max, we recently adopted him, he is a Labrador mix with a Corgi.
  • I am majoring in business.
  • My dream is to learn how to surf and snowboard.
  • Favorite color is Yellow!
  • I want to become fluent in American Sign Language.
  • I love Sea, Mexican, and Italian food.
  • My religion is Apostolic.
  • I love decorating and doing crafts, painting and all that fun stuff.
  • I love Photography.
  • In high school my favorite class was Construction!
  • I like riding my bike.
  • I love picking up the mail, which is a very weird thing but I enjoy it!
  • I love swimming.
  • My favorite flower is the Peony.
  • Another of my dreams is to visit Barcelona, Spain.
  • My lifelong perfume is Calvin Klein One (CK1).

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