Story Time



Today’s Story Time will be part one of how my husband and I meet each other. If I recall correctly, I was in 5th grade and he was in 7th, we did not go to the same school, but the same church. My mom and I were new to the church in our hometown, but my husband went there all his life. Eventually, for Bible study, it ended up being at his house and that was a horrible thing because he would bully me! Yes, he was the meanest kid, I knew at that time. He would call me names, insult me, and he did not like that I was friends with his sister. Anyways, he never stopped being mean to me, but I moved and thank God that was over! Unfortunately, I had to move back to Yuma and go to the same church again, where I knew I was going to see him and trust me had in set in my head to not interact with him at all. I wanted nothing to do with him. He says he would approach me and that I would avoid him or just not talk to him the way I talked to others, and yeah, I did not want to have a conversation alone with him, I had not forgotten how bad he treated me. But when I came back he had changed, he was a much nicer person, but I still did not want to be friends. Anyways, I would hang out with his cousins so we would be in the same group but I still did not want to be close to him. We started talking more and more since we were always around each other and then we started talking through Voxer, an old app, snapchat, etc. So now we were social friends and from there actual friends. I would always ask him for help with my math homework, I was good at math but that year, I had been struggling so much that I got the first C in my life. So, his help did not help so much, LOL. Then it came to be 16th birthday and the youth from church and I took a weekend trip to the church in Tucson. We stayed at people’s houses and spend most of the day in church since we did go to a youth event that was all weekend long. If I am not worn my birthday landed on Saturday that year, and I was the first one ready I normally I’m fast at getting ready, and since we all went there in the church vans, the guys had to pick us up (the girls) to drive our van. So, when the guys arrived I hopped in the van and then the guys got off their van and game to say happy birthday. Now this was the first time my husband ever hugged me and even though it was my birthday, it felt weird, I remember thinking, why did he just hugged me, then there were bushes at the house we stayed at and they were growing tiny flowers so some of the guys picked some out for me and so did my husband and he asked me if I would take a picture with him and I said yes, then he put the flower in my hair and we took the picture. Later, in lunch we split up to go eat and my husband and my friend’s ex decided to come to eat with us, I understood that my friend’s ex would come with us since they were dating but why was my husband coming with us???!!! Anyways, when we sat down to eat I remember my husband sitting next to me and uploading the picture we had previously taken on his Instagram, I felt a little weird so I moved seats. I know that I sound mean but I was not, I had no idea he was trying to get at me, I considered him my friend but we were not close friends so why was he being so friendly???!!! The next day I had procrastinated on math homework so how it would work was that I would snap him a pic of the problem and he would send me the answer, but this time he said he did not understand the problem, but if I explained maybe he could help. So, we face time for the first time ever just me and him, we had faced timed before but he was at one of my friend’s house and I was face timing my friend but this was the first time it was just me and him. I honestly cannot remember if we were able to solve the problem, but I do remember that we kept on talking and doing each other’s homework, and our call lasted 3 hours, I have no idea where the time went, I was impressed we had talked for so long nonstop. So that was that the next morning he texted me and this really caught me off guard, I was kept thinking the same thing, why was he being so friendly, why did he text me a good morning text, he had never done that before. In part on I mentioned that we would text and have each other on social media, but these conversations were very simple just like making jokes, talking about school and so on, but they were also short conversations, we lagged to answer each other, they were not important conversations at all. So now he is texting me good morning and I hope you have a good day at school God bless you, and all these sweet things, and I’m just there rereading the text making sure it was from him, it was hard to believe because even though I knew he had changed and wasn’t the mean person I knew, it was very shocking, I just could not believe it. I had an iPad, not a phone so I wouldn’t always take my iPad to school and so at the time I was a sophomore in high school and he was a senior, we went to different high schools as well, and so he would get out early and I still had a full schedule. So, when I got home that day I had a couple of text from him, so then again there I was thinking to myself, he was very nice this weekend, we face timed for 3 hours yesterday, and today he is texting me throughout the day, what does he want from me and what should I do???!!! So, I decide to accept this new friendship that he is trying to build, and so that night he face timed me again, and from there it became every night thing, and we would text all day. Everything was good for the next month, he was going to graduate and he had invited me to his graduation, but then out of nowhere something happened, well there is two things that happened as always there is good news and bad news, so let’s stick to chronological order. As you know we had this texting, face-timing relationship going on and I was going to a concert on a Friday afternoon with some friend from church, so that day he was telling me that he was sad that we were not going to talk for the rest of the day and all those cute things boys tell you so you can fall for them. Well when I came back from the concert I checked my iPad and had a couple of messages from him, so I responded and a couple of minutes later he said that my text woke him up and I told him to go back to sleep but little did I know, we were going to stay up texting due to his confession that night that he liked me that he thought I was pretty and outgoing, I did not tell him that I liked him back because I did not want to get my hopes up and good thing I didn’t because, the Sunday before his graduation things were awkward when we were texting and then we sort of took a step back and that week was just very weird we did not talk a lot, and I actually left to Phoenix instead of going to his graduation, the week was just so bad I knew I did not want to go to his graduation and pretend like everything was good, so after his graduation he left to his family reunion and I was still in Phoenix all weekend so we did not talk at all. The following Sunday night I received a snapchat from him and then Monday morning we faced time and here it is everyone he FRIEND ZONED me! Yup, this guy who when I first met bullied me, and then tried to be my friend and then was hitting on me, told me he just wanted to be friends. So, what do I do, I tell him ok and cry the entire day, I cried so much that my cousin who only speaks Spanish learned how to say “cousin, why are you crying?” to get me to stop crying and talk to her. After that day, I knew I could never trust this boy again, so we stopped being friends for almost 2 months until our friends Blanca and Isaac decided to get engaged and change our game. So, it was Father’s Day in 2014 and I went to sleep over at my best friend’s house, so quick intro they are 5 sisters oldest is Blanca who just got engaged, then there is Luz, then Kalin, then Yuli, and finally baby Yaqui. So before heading over to their house Blanca pulls me aside and tells me that Isaac proposed to her and that he was going to go talk to her parents later that night, I was so in happy for them it really made me forget about how Gama had just broken my heart, so we went to their house and stayed in Yaqui’s room while Blanca and Isaac spoke with her parents about them getting married. So, after her parents said yes and Isaac went home we all went into wedding planning mode and literally did not go to sleep until about 6am, we were all just so happy! Around 8 am my mom called me that she was going to pick me up so I have to go home and I was just there, until guess who texted me, Gamaliel Guzman, I did not know if I should open the text, but thank God, I did. Behind my back Yuli and Yaqui were texting Gama and telling him to text me and ask me to be his partner to Isaac and Blanca’s wedding. So, Mr. Guzman listens to these crazy girls and asks me, and I say yes, I know how and why am I trusting this boy again. Did I want to get hurt again?! Anyways, the girls knew because I was also texting them. A couple hours later the girls come over to my house and we went to the mall to start looking for bridesmaid dresses and ended up buying their mom her dress for the wedding! During that time, you know we are girls, spent time talking about Gama and what we thought would happen with our situation. From here I do not remember how things went, I think he just kept on texting me just like the begging and we just went back to how things were, about a month later he told me again that he liked me and that he cared for me, this time I said it back right away. From there we actually started going on dates and we started visiting me at house. From there everything was going great and now you see Gama and I use a hashtag that people always ask us what it means but up until we have kept it our own little secret. So one summer night I went to stay over at my cousin’s apartment in Cali for about a week, and we talked on the phone every night, so this particular night we stayed up till 3 in the morning telling each other why we liked one another, and how we fell for one another and as I was telling him I would keep on saying “y pues asi,” which is the hashtag we use #ypuesasi , meaning and that’s how/ and so because I was telling him and that’s how I knew I had feelings for you and so from there I just wanted us to be good, and that’s how I worked up the courage to reply to your text and say yes to being your date to the wedding.  But I literally kept on saying this all night about everything, such as why I liked him, what I liked about him, we told each other our secrets and everything that night was truly unique and this all happened over the phone. So, there you go, the answer to the question that we always get asked! Y pues asi reminds us of that night and how we really opened ourselves to one another and trusted each other to take care of each other’s heart and our relationship. But don’t think we were girlfriend and boyfriend just yesterday, that was a long way down the road! But a little later that month he told me he loved me and I was in shock when he told me that I didn’t say it back right away, I wanted to tell him that I loved him when it felt right for me to say and feel it, a few weeks later I did. Summer was great and so were the next couple of months, the wedding was getting closer and we all couldn’t wait! So, it is my Junior year of high school, sophomore year I took construction as my elective class and loved it so junior year I took vocational construction, I was the only girl there, so I became the secretary of the class/club, and I went on a trip to Flagstaff for 3 days, and in those 3 days Gama and I had no communication. I only took one blanket and we were sleeping in cabins, and let me tell you it was freezing!! I came back home with a cold and I was just not feeling well at all, so when I get home I text Gama, but the next day in church there was going to be a Mexican party, and he was going to be there for most of the day, so we did not really talk until after the party, he came over to take care of me because my mom was also at the party and stayed longer than him and my dad was in Mexico with his friends. We were so glad to see each other, even though I was sick I really enjoyed his company! Then the wedding day was finally upon us! Isaac and Blanca were finally getting married and we all were extremely happy for them, Blanca was such a beautiful bride, the most beautiful I have seen up to today, Gama and I were together all the night and he took me home after the wedding. A couple of days later we started hugging each other and from there a couple days later he gave me our first kiss, I was not expecting that at all because we had just started hugging and saying goodbye with a kiss on the cheek and then boom he kissed me. Again, we were still not officially boyfriend and girlfriend because I have no idea what was going on in his head, and why he had not asked me yet. But thank God, a month later he finally asked me to be his girlfriend! So, it was a Sunday night and we were at my parents’ house watching tv with my mom I remember I was drinking tea, eating chocolate chips and eating cinnamon toast crunch w/o milk. and he asked me if we could go outside, so I grab my snacks and a blank and go outside with him and keep in mind it is December so it is pretty cold outside, we were on the front porch he asks me to go to the front gate with him and I keep on saying no, I want to stay where I am, I was sitting on a chair, sipping on my tea and trying to stay cold with the blanket, he instead so much that I went with him so he asks me to close my eyes and I say no so he tells me to cover my face with the blanket and so I do, I do not know why I listened to him! Anyways I hear him open his car door and move the seats and I just hear him trying to find something or move something, and in my head, I said oh no he’s going to kidnap me LOL! But no, so he tells me to look up and so I Take the blanket off and there he is with roses and chocolates and asks and I quote: “Will you make me the happiest man on earth and be my girlfriend,” and I am in shock I give him no answer, I was frozen I knew I was going to say yes but I just felt so shy I kept on covering my face and nervously laughing, so he asks yes, no, maybe, and I say yes, and he says yes, you will be my girlfriend, and I tell him yes, I will be your girlfriend and of course we hug and kiss. So, we take a few minutes to think how are we going to tell my parents, but my dad like always was in Mexico and did not come home that night so we just go and tell my mom, she says yes, and so it happened. The next day I tell my dad what happened and he said ok, that’s my dad for you folks. I spent Christmas with his family and then it was his 19th birthday, which of course we spent the entire day together also with his family. However, we spent new year’s apart, so it was sad not spending it together.  Next thing you know it’s my 17th birthday, a year had passed since our love story began and to sum it all up it was a crazy but amazing year! Junior year was coming to an end and he tells me he is going the military and when he first mentioned it inside I was scared because I did not know what that meant for our relationship, but when he actually decided he was going to join I was supportive of his decision. Summer was upon us and I spent most of that summer in Mexico, it was hard for us because we would rarely see each other, but then senior year start and I get a job, so we would see each other more than the summer but not as much as we used to the year before. Did I mention we worked together in church too, we were both youth leaders along with Luz and Yulia. So, we would see each other mainly at church, but we would still try to hang out other days too, I was also going to the community college to get English credits ahead, and volunteering after work at the elementary school I went to. So, it was tricky trying to spend one on one time with our schedules, but we tried our best! I was also going to go away after high school, I wasn’t sure what university I wanted to go but I knew I wanted to leave our hometown, especially since he was also going to leave. And so, another year went by, this time we did not spend Christmas together but we did spend his 20th birthday together and new year’s with my family. Then here come my 18th birthday, two years of us loving each other flew bye, but a week after my birthday he left, and it was very hard having to live life without him, it hurt and I did not understand why he joined, I was anxious to know about him, and I was really trying to be strong and hide my feelings, I tried so hard that sometimes I was sure that I had no feelings left for him, I felt that we were going to break up. But we didn’t, we survived 13 weeks w/o each other and finally when it was time to see him, it felt very odd and strange, but once it was just me and him, it felt right, like everything that had happened was over and even thought allot more of it was in our future we were ok with it, because we knew we loved each other enough to go through with it as many times as it needed to happen, so after having him for a couple of days, he had to leave again, but now I was also moving to Phoenix so start university, and so we both went where we had to and I did not hear from him for a while, until one day as I was in my dorm room he called and I cried, because it was still hard not having him around, I was starting a new part of my life that I could not share with him! So, he started calling on weekends and it really helped, then he moved again, and now he was in a different time zone, so even though we talked more than before it was hard for us to be free at the same time, I would be in class, and in the night, he had to go to sleep, so I would have to set an alarm very early to wake up to be able to talk for a while before he started his day. It was hard and sad to be away from each other not knowing when we would be together again. One afternoon we were talking on the phone and after a serious talk he proposed, and so we were engaged, but we did not want to make a big deal out of it so we actually hid our engagement for a month! We got engaged in September and announced it in October and then we finally got to see each other in December and a few days later we got married a Sunday night at his uncle’s house who married us, and the following Friday we had our wedding. Once again, he had to leave, but he came back for me the following week and we packed everything and drove to our new home, where we spent our first holidays together just me and him as well as his 21st birthday, we had fun those days! Then my 19th birthday came, and yes, 3 years since everything began from 2014-2017, we are still together. Today, we have been married for 5 months, next Sunday is our 6 month anniversary! Let me tell you that I am happier than ever, God has blessed me so so so much, I have an amazing husband who is the love of my life and the only person that I belong with. God’s plan really worked out in our lives and I can’t wait to see what God has planned for us next!



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